Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Paintball is great for team building because it allows the players to work together as a cohesive unit to achieve a goal. It also helps break down barriers between staff members, who may have previously been strangers. Cooperation, communication, and strategy are all key ingredients to the game that can be translated into decision-making in the workplace.

What is paintball and why does it work for team building?

Paintball is a team-competitive sport where players shoot each other with paint filled capsules. This is great for team building because it requires team work, critical thinking, and communication. Teams are often comprised of 5 or more players, who must communicate with each other to strategize the best way to win the game. The goal of the game is to eliminate all opposing players from play by spraying them with paint from a gun that shoots capsules filled with water-soluble dye.

Some Of The Challenges Of Building A Strong Corporate Team

Managing a diverse workforce

Cultural diversity plays an important role when managing a diverse corporate team. Each employee has their own unique cultural background and this could potentially conflict with the culture of others on your team. Cultural differences create challenges such as those relating to teamwork and time management.

Focusing on individual strengths instead of weaknesses

When collaborating with other people, people focus on their strengths and overlook their weaknesses. People tend to think about themselves first before focusing on the needs of others. When working as part of a team, everyone’s strengths should help contribute towards achieving one common goal by providing valuable resources.

Encouraging open communication and discussion

Open communication and discussion are two crucial elements within a strong corporate team. Discussion allows members of the team to share ideas and opinions without fear of judgement. These discussions not only strengthen relationships between teammates but also helps teams avoid conflicts before they arise. Paintball requires open communication and discussion because your team will need to work together to develop a strategy to beat the opposing team.

Identifying the best talent

Paintball can be difficult for some individuals due to its physical nature. Some employees may lack self confidence or have physical disabilities so they cannot easily participate in activities such as playing sports, running around, climbing etc. Nevertheless, you may be surprised who rises to the occasion. Corporate Paintball Events can help you see who the real leaders on year team are.

Ensuring employees are happy and engaged

An employee that is unhappy may negatively affect the rest of the company team. Employees that aren’t happy may struggle to perform well at work and frustrate other employees.

Working to build trust

Trust is an intangible factor which employees often feel lonely when building it up with their colleagues. Trust plays an important role in any relationship whether it be business, personal or romantic. Employee loyalty is something that you must strive to cultivate.

How to get started: how much does it cost and where do you go to play?

Our staff is standing by to schedule your next corporate paintball event. We set our prices based on the needs of each organization. Some companies like to schedule all day events with over 40 employees while other smaller teams require less time. That is why it is best to call our staff at 231 577-6252 and talk to one of our associates about your next corporate paintball event.

What can we do in between games?

We recommend scheduling enough time before and after the game. Try not to rush through the activity too quickly because then you will run out of fun! It’s also recommended that you eat lightly during the activity but make sure you drink plenty of water during breaks. For corporate teams, we recommend scheduling time to discuss training opportunities. For example, use the game as an opportunity to discuss strategies and tactics and develop your workforce while enjoying a fun and engaging activity.

Why does paintball work for corporate team building?

Team bonding is an essential part of teamwork development. In addition, playing the game together allows for communication and strategy discussion among teammates. Finally, having fun during this process fosters a positive environment for everyone involved and creates good memories. If you have any questions about how a corporate paintball event can help your team, or you want to get started with your next event, just go ahead and give us a call or contact us on the website!


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Paintball is great for team building because it allows the players to work together as a cohesive unit to achieve a goal.

Corporate Events

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What Are Customers Are Saying

Amy Bolin

Amazing day at Area 51! This place is top-notch. The staff is friendly, funny, and safety conscious. The course is set up in different sections so you are playing on different fields for each game. Plenty of shade and water for each intermission. The rental equipment seems well cared for and everything was clean, streamlined and we'll organized. For the price of a movie and consessions you can play for hours on end. Our new summer favorite.

Collin Herold

I don't really know anything about paintball, I've played a few times. And I've never been here. But they fly a Valken flag, that's reason enough for 5 stars

Cindy Johnston

This is a paintball field thats motto is FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME! and they mean it. I love it there.

The Best Paintball Northwestern Lower Michigan!

Paintball isn't just a game: it's a full-blown obsession. Playing paintball is one of the most fun and exciting ways to spend time with friends and family, and it can be a great way to stay in shape. We are the best paintball center in the area and offer more than just an opportunity to play the game—we also offer fun and exciting activities for people of all ages, including kids.

Area 51 Rules of Engagement & Safety Requirements

Safety Requirements

  • Keep calm and play paintball. Make sure you are keeping it at a pg rating.
  • Barrel covers on at all times
  • Masks on at all times
  • No cracks in paintball masks allowed
  • 285 Feet per second limit
  • Shoot only in designated game zones
  • Fingers on triggers only in active games
  • Avoid hazards
  • Keep your feet on the ground
  • Report any and all hazards to Area 51 staff
  • Use safe and inspected equipment only
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • Leave wildlife at peace
  • Report any and all problems to Area 51 Paintball staff

Rules Of Engagement

  • Follow All Safety Requirements
  • All Area 51 Paintball staff decisions are final
  • Stay in bounds during active games
  • Shoot only in active game zones
  • Aiming is required before shooting
  • Eliminations only if paint breaks
  • Gun hits do count
  • Cease fire on eliminated players
  • If hit, leave game zone quickly
  • If unsure, ask for a paint check
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Keep bunkers where they are
  • Shoot designated targets only
  • Report any and all issues to Area 51 Staff

Things To Consider

  • Bring coolers of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bring food and necessary disposable utensils such as plates, forks, and spoons
  • We can help arrange Pizza Delivery for your party
  • Bring table clothes, decorations, tents, umbrellas, outdoor chairs, and any other creative things they can think of to enhance their paintball party guests’ experience
  • Request to play some private games together
  • Bring bug spray for those couple times of year when the mosquitoes are having a reunion at the field
  • We love pets but must ask that you leave yours at home

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